Man cave

Man Cave Part 1

I have started converting a two-and-a-half single-brick internal garage into a man cave. It will be a place for the family to play the arcade machines. It will also be the kids play/rumpus room, until they get a bit older Read more…

By jason, ago

Footy Tipper

I am writing a genetic algorythm to predict nrl rugby league game outcomes for me. I haven’t written C# code for a while now. Forgotten many things: eg silly easy things like object serialization, and constructor chaining. Too easy one Read more…

By jason, ago

Pinball Machine Emulation

Wow, check out the vids on this page of some super-dooper fancy pinball emulation. Especially this vid – wow! Not the same as the real thing but at ~$6K for an “Addams Family” pinball machine (and another few thousand to Read more…

By jason, ago

Scale of the universe; grooveShark

Two things that are awesome: 1. GrooveShark: Stream tunes, save playlists. Very nice. 2. Scale of the Universe: Nifty little flash tool zooms in and out from ultra small to mega big.

By jason, ago