It’s a boy!

Yep. It’s a boy. Born safe and sound in April just like his big sister. I blame the arrival of him on not updating this blog in nearly two months.

Still alive

It’s been ages since a post. Very busy doing bloke stuff.

Wifey is preggers with number two due on April 1 2007!

Sold my house in the city and bought a small hobby farm in the neighbouring state. Makes commuting a lot longer – about 2100% longer. Bummer for me.

I have be very busy building fences around the house to keep the little one out of paddocks, electric fences and dams. Also been busy re-fencing/straining the boundary fence.

We’ve borrowed a horse so my little one can ride around the paddock and the arena. She is really good for a 3 year old. The wifes mare should drop her foal any day now – more excitement.

Also really busy growing a dodgy trucky mo for movember. I think the missus can’t wait for movember to be over…

Got a promotion at work the other day (temporarily). Have been acting as team leader for a little while. It would be nice if it was a permanent gig – mortgage repayments are rather large at the moment, so every bit of extra dosh counts.

I plan on getting my act together and knocking off the mame cab soon – need to be getting back to being a nerd. I purchased a second hand flight-control joy-stick the other day for the mame cab. I am not sure what to do with it…

Skype killed my IIS

For three days my local web server was not responding. You know, I’d point my browser (Firefox) at http://localhost/ and I’d get nothing.

After a while it dawned on me that I had recently installed a big Microsoft Tuesday patch session. Perhaps my default web site had been stopped? I fired up the the IIS management console to find that my default website was indeed stopped. Simple solution for sure – right-click and select Start. Nope – what I got told was “the network request is not supported” WTF!


So I uninstalled and re-installed IIS. Did that fix the problem? No – different error though – “Location already in use”. I figured this meant something was already using port 80. But what? To confirm my suspicions I made my default web site use port 81. Pointing my browser to http://localhost:81/ resulted in my web pages appearing again. Now I knew for sure that some program had snatched port 80 away from IIS without my knowledge! The hunt was on.

I grabbed TcpView from SysInternals and fired it up. What do you know? Bloody Skype had snatched port 80, and was listening away! I shut down Skype and re-configured IIS to use port 80 and my local web server was all happy again.

Bloody skype! How rude. I had to go into the Skype settings and disable “Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections”.

I think that with the recent patch IIS must be starting up a bit later, giving Skype the opportunity to nab port 80 first. That should not matter now that I have disbaled port 80 for Skype.

Playing with VMWare

Last night I downloaded the new free versions of:
– VMWare server last night.
– MS’s Virtual PC 2004.

I’d played with a free (then warezed) version of Virtual PC 2004 before and was pretty impressed.

Well, I am writing this in virtual (VMWare) version of the the latest Ubuntu offering. I must say it’s even better than MS’s offering.

I can’t really offer too much in the way of insight into the newer verison of Ubuntu as I’ve only just installed literally seconds ago. But the way VMWare cranks along – yeah I like it. And free is good too. And this is on an ancient machine with only 512MB of RAM.

The only problem I had was that it installed the virtual HDD as a SCSI rather than IDE. No biggy though – took all of 1 minute to find and fix.

Must go – world of warcraft awaits…

WOW I crumbled

Several years ago I spent many, many hours (days, weeks…) playing a MUD. It was called Drasan. It was text-only. Eventually I realised it was taking waay to much of my time. I have not played an RPG since.

Today I crumbled. I purchased World Of Warcraft. Some people at work started talking about getting a few of us together and doing some raids. The next day I saw an advertisement in the paper – $49 for WoW.

I couldn’t resist.

This may be my last post…

Nerd v Geek vs Dweeb

I had a conversation with a colleague the other day about the definitions of the words geek and nerd. Well, I just stumbled across this recent post on slashdot…

There *is* a clear distinction and a value hierarchy among geeks, nerds, and dweebs, but you’ve got it all wrong.

What follows, I claim, is the one true classification of geekdom. It has stood up to rigorous peer review (loud arguments amongst drunken physics students) for years, and I stand by it.

A dweeb is someone without social skills who either doesn’t recognize or is unable to accept that they are unusual. They constantly *try* to fit in, with disastrous results, and dedicate a significant portion of their daily lives to obsessing over how to pass as normal.

A nerd is someone without social skills or popular interests who recognizes that he or she is unlike most people and feels no shame in it.

A geek is a nerd with technical skills and passionate interests; in particular one who has a myopic dedication to a particular specialty. (This is the subspecies *true geek,* distinct from but related to the *common geek,* or nerd who is generally technically savvy and useful to have around.)

To summarize, the dweeb is the guy wearing a slightly out of fashion hipster shirt who generally creates embarrassing silences at parties by saying awkward things about pop stars or sports teams.

The nerd is the guy who skips the party in order to achieve moderately high scores on a popular video game while eating unheated canned peas with a spoon and listening to recordings of experimental music.

The geek is the guy who skips the party in order to code a popular video game, figure out the angle of repose one might expect for a pile of canned peas, or compose and record some experimental music.

On the college campus, geeks make up virtually the entire population of physics and math majors (as well as a majority in classics, many of the less trendy engineering sub-disciplines, linguistics, physical anthropology, and some of the more obscure languages.)

The nerds are the guys who drop out of school after one semester but stay in a college town working in a bookstore, where they get great discounts on whatever genre books they happen to like and talk to their geek friends about writing their own books yet never seem to actually finish any of them.

The dweebs largely end up in engineering or the quantitative business disciplines, in the hopes that they can earn enough money to buy the respect of powerful and attractive people. Those in engineering have a tough time of it, as they are publicly ignored by the normals whom they so admire while simultaneously earning the scorn and contempt of the geeks in their departments. Those in business do rather well, since they have a good chance at fooling their colleagues into thinking that they are geeks. (Normals may not invite geeks to parties, but they do like to hire them.)

World Cup Soccer

I have never really been into soccer before. Recently have been watching the Australian games late at night on TV. Setting the alarm for 1am, 5am etc… While I think most soccer is a bit of a toss, the World Cup games really make soccer shine.

It probably helps that I am rooting for my team, and that I have a small chance of winning some cash in a pool at work, but I have really enjoyed watching the soccer.

Pity that Australia managed to lose their last game within the last 10 seconds of the match. Real gut wrenching moment that was. Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!

Want to buy a house?

Our house is theoretically on the market. Want to purchase a lovely renovated 4 bedroom ensuite home in the Australian Capital? You probably don’t but I sure hope somebody does.

We are just about ready to sign on the dotted line for purchasing a house on five acres, so we signed up an agent this evening to sell our place. Only a few legal hurdles to jump through and it’ll be on for young and old.

We seem to have found ourselves a very good agent. He sold our investment property only a few months ago. His fees are great – only 2.5%. He doesn’t charge for advertising as he believes advertising our house will more-often-than-not just get him contacts for other places he has for sale. Nice bloke – will deal with again 🙂

First Post

I decided to start a blog. Mainly to chronicle my efforts at building a mame cabinet.

I’ll probably also ramble on about:

  • cutting code (I am employed as a web developer – C#.NET at the moment)
  • purchasing a new house – just about to get real serious.
  • my half-arsed handy-man efforts.
  • general nerd stuff.

But for now I can’t be stuffed to write to much. I had some fellow mame enthusiasts over last night and I am a tad tired. My current mame setup got a workout till 2am this morning. It’s functional but definately not pretty.

It’s got 5000+ arcade games, plus all the atari, snes and n64 games. I have recently discovered a game called “Parodius Da!” – bloody awesome game play. I love scroller games like this.

Just yesterday I started cutting out the panels for the arcade cabinet. I have based my cabinet on the “Ultimate Arcade II” design. I have also been heavily influenced by Knievel Kustoms – this guy makes the most professional cabinets. Nice innovations, stunning visuals. I love his blue neon design – fantastic.

At the moment all I have is a crappy TV hooked up to a few old PC parts and a dodgy 2 person control panel that needs to be rebuilt for a pro finish…