3D models of the arcade cabinet

I am getting closer to doing a bit more work on the MAME cabinet.

I have found Google Sketchup invaluable. It’s a great tool to help me visualize what pieces go where. Using it the other day I realized that my Galaga control panel was going to have a few dramas when mounted on the base. I had forgotten about the curved ‘corners’, which led to a few millimeters of the base poking out beneath the control panel.

Luckily, it presented the perfect opportunity to implement a strip of timber that can be used to mount some 110° cabinet hinges. I planned it out in Sketchup. The model can be found by clicking the image below:

MAME cabinet 3D model

Hopefully I’ll be able to get a bit of spare time this Australia Day long weekend holiday to get some construction done…

MAME Cabinet Base – part 3

I have cut out both sides of the cabinet base now. I was thinking about cutting out the rest of the pieces required for the base and realised I only just have enough ply to do the job.

As I want to get this right first time I decided to use Google Sketchup and create my cabinet base as a 3D model first. That way I can play with the model until I get it just the way I want.

I am really glad I did, as I have already discovered a few mistakes that I would have made on the first run. Sketchup also allows me to measure dimensions to the millimetre – so I can use my 3D model as my reference now, rather than my dodgy paper blueprint.

I have uploaded the model to the Google 3D Warehouse – you can view it here. It looks like this: