SNES USB adaptor

Woohoo. I won a SNES control pad and a Super Smart Joy SNES-USB adaptor the other day. I entered the online competition so long ago that I had forgotten all about it. I think it was from Lik-Sang. I bought five LCD TopGuns from them once, so I guess that might of helped…

It will be great to be able to hook this up to my Mame cabinet and play the old snes games with an original controller. It will also be handy to use this an controller for games that can handle more than two players at once.

Mame cabinet – side panels

Here are the plans for my mame cabinet:

Measure twice, cut once:

I’ve cut out the top panels. Here is how they turned out:

I hope they turn out OK once they are painted and trimmed with some t-molding…