Basejumping with wingsuits and skis

A few years ago I got the skydiving bug. Did nearly 30 jumps. Never got my A-licence though. I have always been fascinated by wingsuits. Today I watched a vid of a bunch of crazy skydivers skiing off cliffs in Norway with wingsuits.

This was not normal wingsuit action. Rather than flying away from the cliff-face, these guys are flying alongside the face, buzzing along only metres above the roads that wind down the mountain. You have to see it to believe it.


Laying some cable on xmas day…

I really enjoyed Neal Stephenson‘s “Cryptonomicon“.

I recently read an article written by Neal in 1993/4 for Wired that covers the history, technology and issues with laying cables across oceans and continents. I now know where he got a lot of the background for Cryptonomicon, and why his knowledge of submarine cabling is so detailed.

The article “Mother Board Mother Earth” is quite a long read (~42,000 words) – but fascinating in it’s own nerdy way. Enjoy.