I purchased a Raspberry Pi 3 from Core Electronics the other day, and paired it with some SNES controllers and USB extension cords from AliExpress.  Installed RetroPie 4 on it.

I’ve decided to use the “no-intro” sets of ROMS for Atari, NES, SNES and N64.   I strip out all the non-English versions which saves many gigabytes of storage. Also using the MAME 0.78 (2003 Reference roms).

It was going to take too long to individually approve the Emulation Station scrapes of all the games so I set it off to match everything as best it could. I am using Retropie Metadata Emulator (RME) to tidy up my gamelist,xml files once Emulation Station has finished scraping.

How to Multi/Quad boot your Raspberry Pi: https://youtu.be/QcagA9THfQo

How to tweak performance of N64 emulation in EmulationStation: https://youtu.be/N5h93LYxfBk –> 

  • RetroPie Setup > Configuration/Tools > “dispmanx – Configure emulators to use dispmanx SDL” > OK > Back > Exit
  • N64 > Launch a game > Quickly press a button to configure > “Select default emulator for n64 > mupen64plus-GLideN64-highres > Select default video mode for mupen64plus-GLideN64-highres > DMT-85 1280×720 @ 60Hz 16:9, clockL74MHz progressive (You can go lower to increase performance) > OK > Launch



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