I have started converting a two-and-a-half single-brick internal garage into a man cave. It will be a place for the family to play the arcade machines. It will also be the kids play/rumpus room, until they get a bit older and then I convert it into a true mancave with darts, pool table, bar, projector etc.

I am not a builder so I am learning as I go. I started a few days. I have constructed a timber frame to hang gyprock sheets. The frame is made of 70x35mm structural pine. I’ve bolted the frames to the brick piers using 100mm screws and wall plugs. As the timber wall sits directly on the concrete floor and touches some brickwork below the damp-course I’ve used some 500 micron dampcourse tape to insulate the timber from the brick and concrete.

When I pulled my compound drop/mitre saw out of storage it died on first use. Acrid black smoke came out of the motor. Not a good start. I used the hand-saw and a small circular saw for the rest of that day then purchased a mega-cheap drop saw from Aldi’s the next day. I picked up some R1.5 wall batts from bunnings and got the walls up. See pics.

I am getting ready to hang the gyprock. I found a few videos on youtube about hanging drywall. I was a bit concerned that some of the joins wouldn’t match up with timber behind it – but from the video it looks as if it doesn’t matter too much for the horizontal joins. From what I can tell only the butt joins have to be secured on timber.

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