Pinball Machine Emulation

Wow, check out the vids on this page of some super-dooper fancy pinball emulation.

Especially this vid – wow!

Not the same as the real thing but at ~$6K for an “Addams Family” pinball machine (and another few thousand to fix it up) it’s as close as I am going to get.

HyperPin, VP9, and Dream Pin a work of art!!!

Finnally got around to installing some VP9 tables… VP8 didnt really impress me too much, but VP9 blew me away. Must say these guys did a great job.

via Hackall – hyperpin.

Genetic Algorithm Library – CodeProject

Genetic Algorithms

Genetic algorithms operate on a set of possible solutions. Because of the random nature of genetic algorithms, solutions found by an algorithm can be good, poor, or infeasible [defective, erroneous], so there should be a way to specify how good that solution is. This is done by assigning a fitness value [or just fitness] to the solution. Chromosomes represent solutions within the genetic algorithm. The two basic components of chromosomes are the coded solution and its fitness value.

via Genetic Algorithm Library – CodeProject.

Digital Standards Organization

I am a big believer in open source, open standards, open everything. I noticed this from Digital Standards Organization:

What is an open standard? The Wikipedia page shows many definitions, which specify characteristics of a specification, or of the processes that produce it and make it available.

To understand why there is no single agreed definition, and to let us build a canonical definition, we can start with two observations:

1. The standardization process is driven by two conflicting economic motives. Established vendors see standards as a route to direct profits, while the market at large sees standards as a route to lower costs.

2. As the economic has become digital, governments – both as users and regulators – have become engaged in the conflict between these two interest groups.

Read more here: Digital Standards Organization – Free and Open Digital Standards

P.S. – I love using the letter “z” in words. I never get to use them in UK/Australian english.  🙂