Aweome Neo-Geo music video


Neo Geo, Neo Geo. Four bright buttons and two joysticks.
Neo Geo, Neo Geo. Cool red cab and a name that sticks.
No one quite did 2D fighters like you did.
No one quite did runnin’ and gunnin’ like you did
No one quite did Puzzle Bobble like you did
I’ll always´╗┐ love my four slot model cause I, I…
I played that cab for hours on end to the point where that thing was my only friend.

With a heavy machine gun in my hand I beat Metal Slug over and over again.
Youre 32 bits of endless fun. Youre a 1990 revolution.
Youre ahead of the game. You are the best. Youre the SNK king of MVS.
Youre an attractive machine in´╗┐ a pretty red dress.
When Im playing as Mai I wanna give you a kiss.
Forget Chun Li when theres Shiranui.
She’ll knock you out with those big ninja bees