Good to-the-point articles about Delegates, Func Types and Lambda expresssions

  1. C# Delegates, Anonymous Methods, and Lambda Expressions – O My! [Code Project]:  Explains delegates, func types, anaonymous methods and demonstrates how using them all together dramatically reduces lines of code from older C# frameworks
  2. C# Func Type []: Demonstration of a small program using Func generic type and lambdas
  3. Lambda Expressions (C# Programming Guide) [MSDN]: Discussion of what a lambda expression is and some examples of how it is used. Bingo! Explains that the lambda operator => is read as “goes to”.
  4. Extension delegates [csharpindepth]: Demonstration of how to specify an extension method as a method group using extension syntax.
  5. Intro to LINQ: Examples and discussion of LINQ in terms of  Type Inference, Lamda Expressions, Extension Methods and Anonymous Types

C# Delegates, Anonymous Methods, and Lambda Expressions – O My!

The MAME cabinet has been painted

Finally, I have painted the arcade machine (black) and got it back together.

Here are some pics of the first black coat going on.

Here are some pics of the arcade machine after the final topcoat went on. It took exactly 1 litre of black semi-gloss to do the two coats of black. It was really way too hot to have been painting.

And finally, here is a pic of it getting it’s first series of use in the “production” environment:

//TODO: Proper marquee lighbox reverse-printed on perspex

//TODO: Bezel to cover TV

//TODO: T-molding on base

//TODO: Holsters for light-guns

//TODO: Reinstall operating system, emulation software and get drivers for dual lightgun working