Arcade machine progress – top half going on

Cleaned up the garage – now have enough room to move about in there. Decided I’d better get cracking on the top half of the mame cabinet. Here is a pic of one of the top sides going through a test mounting.

mounted top half

I used some tiny corner braces to hang the top sides on the base so I could step away and get an idea of how it will really look.


  • Looks like I will need to straighten up the top half (rotate a few degreees anti-clockwise in pic) to make the back edge truly vertical. Once I’ve sorted out exactly where the top half will go relative to the base I will mount it using the fancy-pants mounting screws I purchased ages ago.
  • Change the mounting screws for the monitor to move the monitor back a few centimetres. To give more room for bezel/glass.
  • cut and splice the wires from the TV speakers to extend them so they can be mounted in the speaker panel below the marquee.

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