MAME Update – The Top Is On

I had a big session in the garage the other day and managed to get the top mounted, with the top shelf and speaker shelf attached.

I also managed to get a grill attached to the rear of the base to allow a little bit of air flow for the PC (and keep out little fingers, and cats).

I’ve have managed to get the base door attached (finally). I was originally intending to use hinges you find in your kitchen cupboard, but was having some dramas with them, so I fell back to using steel piano hinge. Really glad I did as it has worked better than I thought. It looks nice and is really sturdy.

Here is what I’ve got so far:

Left Side front Right Rear

Here is a view of the mounting bolts, from the outside and inside:

The mounts viewed from outside  Router Bit used to countersink the mounting screws mounts viewed from inside

The mounting bolts are 10mm thick so for the countersinking I had to resort to using my router as my standard countersinking bits were not deep/wide enough. With six of these one each side the left and right panels are not going anywhere.

I had to cut the speaker wires from the tv to mount the TV in the cabinet. I am planning on rigging up some kind of quick disconnect so that if I ever need to remove the top I don’t need to cut and resolder the speaker wires again.


  • Raise the tv by an inch
  • Attach rear panels on the top half
  • Solder the speaker wires to plugs

TODO Later:

  • Get a marquee printed and attached
  • Sort out the plugs and soldering for the control panel
  • Figure out how to mount the control panel to the base so it does not move, but is still removable.

Basejumping with wingsuits and skis

A few years ago I got the skydiving bug. Did nearly 30 jumps. Never got my A-licence though. I have always been fascinated by wingsuits. Today I watched a vid of a bunch of crazy skydivers skiing off cliffs in Norway with wingsuits.

This was not normal wingsuit action. Rather than flying away from the cliff-face, these guys are flying alongside the face, buzzing along only metres above the roads that wind down the mountain. You have to see it to believe it.


Arcade machine progress – top half going on

Cleaned up the garage – now have enough room to move about in there. Decided I’d better get cracking on the top half of the mame cabinet. Here is a pic of one of the top sides going through a test mounting.

mounted top half

I used some tiny corner braces to hang the top sides on the base so I could step away and get an idea of how it will really look.


  • Looks like I will need to straighten up the top half (rotate a few degreees anti-clockwise in pic) to make the back edge truly vertical. Once I’ve sorted out exactly where the top half will go relative to the base I will mount it using the fancy-pants mounting screws I purchased ages ago.
  • Change the mounting screws for the monitor to move the monitor back a few centimetres. To give more room for bezel/glass.
  • cut and splice the wires from the TV speakers to extend them so they can be mounted in the speaker panel below the marquee.