Laying some cable on xmas day…

I really enjoyed Neal Stephenson‘s “Cryptonomicon“.

I recently read an article written by Neal in 1993/4 for Wired that covers the history, technology and issues with laying cables across oceans and continents. I now know where he got a lot of the background for Cryptonomicon, and why his knowledge of submarine cabling is so detailed.

The article “Mother Board Mother Earth” is quite a long read (~42,000 words) – but fascinating in it’s own nerdy way. Enjoy.

Photostitch software

Several minutes ago I discovered autostitch. It is seriously awesome. It’s a 1MB download. I used it today to stitch together some shots of my sons room. It took four shots through a doorway to capture the entirety of his narrow room.

Autostitch is great. You don’t have to tell the application where your pics are in relation to one another – it figures it out for you. It also adjusts the brightness of pics to blend in with the others when it creates the panoramic shot.

Here is an example, using our new shed…

Three pictures:
shed1 shed2 shed3

Autostitched and cropped:
stitched shed