I am building a teeny-tiny version of the Chispito Wind Generator. Rather then having blades 4 feet long, my blades are only about 20cm long.

Rather than generating 1000W in good wind, my little generator should produce somewhere between 0.2 Watts and 100 Watts, at wind speeds of 2m/s (4.5mph / 7.2kmph) and 15m/s (34mph / 54 kmph) respectively. Wattage calculated using Warlocks Wind Turbine Blade Calculator.

My little generator is being used for a test run of a bigger version I’d like to build someday. I used a cardboard tube I found in the garage to forge the blades (so definitely not rain-proof), but should be quite suitable as a proof-of-concept.

I am not expecting it to put my electricity provider out of business, but rather server the purpose of demonstrating the procedure of building a successful wind-powered generator. I’ll post some pics of my dodgy mini-Chispito when it’s finished.

Mike has some very good details regarding the construction of his own wind-powered generator.

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Jason · November 28, 2008 at 11:52 pm

Garr – big rain/thunder-storm occurred yesterday. I had forgotten to bring the generator inside.

Cardboard + rain/hail = mush + no power.

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