Was I the only one that noticed the missing segment of the movie? I can’t be – can I?

There is a scene where the joker makes a surprise entrance into Bruce Wayne’s penthouse apartment – interrupting a fund raiser dinner attended by the Rachel, the DA and the richest people of Gotham city.

Bruce Wayne stashes the DA in a cupboard, dons his bat-suit and takes matters into his own hands by kicking the shit outof all the Jokers henchmen – then finally turns on the Joker. After a few blows the Joker realises it’s all going pear-shaped, so the Joker grabs Rachel and throws her out a window, forcing Batman to stop his attack on the Joker and jump out the window to save Rachel.

As luck would have it Batman catches Rachel just in time, landing/crushing the bonnet of an unfortunate sedan on the street hundreds of feet below. They lie there on the bonnet of the car, crack a few funnies and breath a large sigh of relief.

We then cut to a scene sometime later. The next day perhaps – I can’t recall.

It’s at this point in the movie I was thinking “Whoa – what happened?! Why didn’t Batman use his funky cord-on-a-hook-shot-by-a-gun to take him back up to his penthouse and capture the Joker? Did the hundred witnesses just let the Joker – now beaten-up and dishevelled – go?! Surely not. Did the Joker just saunter out, apologising for the interruption without feeling the need to kill a few bystanders?!

Most people I’ve talked to have said “Oh yeah – I never noticed” but some others have. I especially like this one-pane comic from deviantArt

House parties are bad ideas

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