How to back up a windows installation

Now that I have installed winXP I think it’s time to back it up. Summary [Backup] ~$ sudo time dd if=/dev/hda1 ibs=4096 | bzip2 -v --fast | split -a 2 -b 1024m - winxpsp2.img-part- [Verify backup files] ~$ md5sum /dev/hda1 ~$ cat winxpsp2.img-part-* | bunzip2 | md5sum [Restore] ~$ sudo Read more…

By jason, ago

Installing Windows XP SP2

A lot of steps: Install WinXP SP2 from CD Adjust folder settings. I like to see the folders NOT in simple view. I also like to see extensions. Move ‘My Documents’ to be on another partition Install motherboard drivers Turn off firewall, autoupdate and virus protection, then disable security center Read more…

By jason, ago