MAME cabinet update

MAME Update

Ages ago I had my first attempt at routing the slot for the t-molding. It went OK but I stuffed up the slot for one of the side panels.

I spent some time the other night fixing up the MAMe cabinet. I pulled the entire thing apart and cut out a new side panel, and routed it with my new router – a cheap Ozito. Did a better job this time round – still not perfect.

I have learned that cutting slots at 32,000 RPM is too fast for plywood. The smoke and the embers helped me figure that out pretty quick.



Portal is awesome. Got a copy the other day and played it non-stop for maybe 10 hours. The wife had to drag me away from the PC at about 4am. If you have never heard of it’s an action/puzzle-solving game. You are given a gun that creates two portals (blue and orange). If you walk through the orange portal you come out of the blue portal (and vice-versa). One puzzle room might require you to cross a moat. Shoot at a wall on your side of the moat to create the blue portal. Then shoot at a wall across the moat to create the orange portal and you can walk through the portals avoiding the moat completely.

It gets more challenging when you have to use portals with physics/momentum laws on the more difficult levels:

portal momentum

Guitar Hero

Played the Nintendo Wii version of Guitar Hero at a mates house after losing a poker tournament. It’s fantastic. Those playing Guitar Hero provided a nice soundtrack to those still competing in Hold’em. The concept is great. Play guitar, whoever hits the most correct notes wins.




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