Pretty icons

I can’t wait to spruce up my desktop and file system with this massive icon set. It’s getting dugg/slashdotted at the moment but if you come back a bit later you’ll be able to plunder all the awesome goods 🙂

Here’s an example. Note that there are many icon sets – not everything is rounded “web 2.0”-ish looking.

icon sample

Goodbye blogger, hello WordPress

I have managed to export my blogger blog to a wordpress blog on my own domain. Was a bit more complicated then I expected.

The automatic import facility is broken for non-wordpress hosted blogs. I had to

  1. create a blog hosted on the wordpress site
  2. import from my blogger blog
  3. export in wordpress xml format
  4. import the wordpress xml to my domains wordpress blog

Not to self – delete the blog hosted on the wordpress site.

Anyway, welcome to my wordpress blog. I still have to change the default look’n’feel. But at least it’s working.