I got the latest MAME verison (0.118 at the time of writing) from Mamedev the other day. You can download two binaries versions. I did not know which one I should get:

  • mame0118b.exe: MAME 0.118 Windows command-line binaries.
  • mame0118b_i686.exe: MAME 0.118 Windows command-line binaries (I686 Optimized)

My CPU for my MAME box is an Athlon XP2000. I am assuming the I686 optimizations are for Pentiums…maybe it’s cross CPU architecture, maybe it’s not..I was in a bit of a quandary until google came to the rescue.

A search for optimized mame led me directly to a variety of optimized builds stashed at redump.emubase.de. Yay. I grabbed the mame0118b_athlon-xp.zip and I am just about to move it over to my MAME box. Double YAY.

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