Optimized MAME builds

I got the latest MAME verison (0.118 at the time of writing) from Mamedev the other day. You can download two binaries versions. I did not know which one I should get:

  • mame0118b.exe: MAME 0.118 Windows command-line binaries.
  • mame0118b_i686.exe: MAME 0.118 Windows command-line binaries (I686 Optimized)

My CPU for my MAME box is an Athlon XP2000. I am assuming the I686 optimizations are for Pentiums…maybe it’s cross CPU architecture, maybe it’s not..I was in a bit of a quandary until google came to the rescue.

A search for optimized mame led me directly to a variety of optimized builds stashed at redump.emubase.de. Yay. I grabbed the mame0118b_athlon-xp.zip and I am just about to move it over to my MAME box. Double YAY.

This looks interesting

Unification Wars is a free Massively Online Game with over 350,000 members”

Looks like it’s web-based and turn-based. I’ve never played a turn based game before (except board games like monopoly and cluedo).

MAME Stuff

I’ve found that some folks have managed to get two LCD Topgun lightguns working on their mame cabinets.

There is also a *massive* write-up about them here.

When I purchased two I had every intention of getting them both working together, but have never got it to happen. I was not using Smogs drivers, so we’ll have to see how it goes.

I’m pretty excited about playing two-player “Cabal” and “Operation Wolf”.