Wrecked MAME PC

It was late at night. It was dark in the garage. I was tired. I stumbled across a stick of RAM. **Brilliant idea** “I’ll stick this in the MAME PC”.

I am such an idiot. I managed to force a stick of PC-133 RAM into my last spare DDR RAM slot. The PC did not boot (no surprise there). I took it out. The PC did not boot. I realised what I had done. OMG I am such an idiot! Totally screwed the motherboard.

I have since purchased a replacement board of ebay. Gigabyte GA-7VA with a XP2000 CPU and coolermaster CPU fan. Whan I get a spare moment I will swap it into the MAME cabinet. (probably next christmas some time…

It’s a boy!

Yep. It’s a boy. Born safe and sound in April just like his big sister. I blame the arrival of him on not updating this blog in nearly two months.