MAME cabinet base – part 5

I have been doing lots of non-MAME stuff lately so havent worked on the MAME box for a few weeks. But not too long ago I went on a bit of a frenzy and have nearly got the base finished. Unfortunately I stuffed up the routing for one of the sides and have decided to replace that piece of timber with a brand new piece…which will require dismantling what I’ve put together so far. Bummer!

1. I have put the base together. It’s got a sliding keyboard draw and a big coin mechanism.

2. Here’s a bigger picture – you can see the 27 inch TV that’s going to be used as the monitor, and the prototype control panel.

3. I’ve used a desk draw lock to lock/unlock the coin mech. Upon opening the coin mech door you have access to the innards of the box and can open the lower front panel.

4. Opening the lower front panel to give access to the PC and other electronics that will be stashed in here. I’ll probably use this space as temporary storage for all the bits and pieces of not-yet-used MAME paraphernalia.

5. The keyboard tray uses the same type of lock as the coin mechanism.

6. Here is a long shot with everything that opens and shuts.

7. Close up of the lower panel. You can just see the simple slide lock that keep the lower panel from opening. The mobo/HDD’s/PSU etc are underneath the plastic at the rear of the base. I’ll probably move them closer to the front when I finish this, simply so I can access the optical drives via the coin mech door, rather than having to open the entire lower panel.

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