The base is coming along fine. I am up to the stage where I will have to use my router with the slot cutter to cut the slots to fit the t-molding into.

I followed some recommendations to test my skill with the router on a scrap piece of timber first – very glad I did as I found you have to be very careful not to ‘jiggle’ the router. Otherwise the slot becomes to big and the t-molding doesn’t fit snuggly in the slot.

I am going to have to figure out a method to hold the timber very securely while I am routing it. I think the slight movements that occurred whilst routing on my saw horses resulted in the ‘jiggly’ bits.

Apart from a few bits where the t-molding didn’t have a snug fit everything was pretty good. I had to use my wooden mallet to force the t-molding all the way into the slot. I’d prefer to use a rubber mallet – but I don’t have one so I’ll just have to be gentle when using the mallet to not damage the t-molding.

Here’s a shot of where I am up to. I have the top of the base, plus the supports for the top, but they are not shown because I can’t get them to stay in place without permanently fixing them in place.

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