MAME Cabinet Base – part 3

I have cut out both sides of the cabinet base now. I was thinking about cutting out the rest of the pieces required for the base and realised I only just have enough ply to do the job.

As I want to get this right first time I decided to use Google Sketchup and create my cabinet base as a 3D model first. That way I can play with the model until I get it just the way I want.

I am really glad I did, as I have already discovered a few mistakes that I would have made on the first run. Sketchup also allows me to measure dimensions to the millimetre – so I can use my 3D model as my reference now, rather than my dodgy paper blueprint.

I have uploaded the model to the Google 3D Warehouse – you can view it here. It looks like this:

MAME Cabinet Base – part 2

I managed to cut out one of the side panels for the MAME cabinet base this afternoon. I did a much better job cutting straight lines with this panel then the previous top panels. I took it really slow, and tried to cut my lines so that half of the pencil mark remained on the panel. It took a bit of time, but worked out extremely well. The lines are damn straight and will need only minor work with a file to get them dead straight. My best work yet.

1. Marked some lines on a sheet of 2400×1200 ply.

2. Here’s the result of 5 minutes work with my jijgsaw.

3. Here is the panel in an upright position. Underneath the plastic is my prototype control panel and 68cm TV that are going to be used in the cabinet.

4. Here is the panel standing in front of a previously cut top panel. It gives a decent impression of what the shape of the final product should be.

Mame cabinet base – part 1

A fellow blogger that started his MAME cabinet after me has basically finished it. I have got the urge to get back to work on mine. With the recent move and all the related busy-ness of living on a 5 acre block I haven’t had much time to do any work on it.

Well – no more. Here is the plane for the base. It’s based on the “Ultimate Arcade II” I am hoping to start cutting it out today.

Still alive

It’s been ages since a post. Very busy doing bloke stuff.

Wifey is preggers with number two due on April 1 2007!

Sold my house in the city and bought a small hobby farm in the neighbouring state. Makes commuting a lot longer – about 2100% longer. Bummer for me.

I have be very busy building fences around the house to keep the little one out of paddocks, electric fences and dams. Also been busy re-fencing/straining the boundary fence.

We’ve borrowed a horse so my little one can ride around the paddock and the arena. She is really good for a 3 year old. The wifes mare should drop her foal any day now – more excitement.

Also really busy growing a dodgy trucky mo for movember. I think the missus can’t wait for movember to be over…

Got a promotion at work the other day (temporarily). Have been acting as team leader for a little while. It would be nice if it was a permanent gig – mortgage repayments are rather large at the moment, so every bit of extra dosh counts.

I plan on getting my act together and knocking off the mame cab soon – need to be getting back to being a nerd. I purchased a second hand flight-control joy-stick the other day for the mame cab. I am not sure what to do with it…