For three days my local web server was not responding. You know, I’d point my browser (Firefox) at http://localhost/ and I’d get nothing.

After a while it dawned on me that I had recently installed a big Microsoft Tuesday patch session. Perhaps my default web site had been stopped? I fired up the the IIS management console to find that my default website was indeed stopped. Simple solution for sure – right-click and select Start. Nope – what I got told was “the network request is not supported” WTF!


So I uninstalled and re-installed IIS. Did that fix the problem? No – different error though – “Location already in use”. I figured this meant something was already using port 80. But what? To confirm my suspicions I made my default web site use port 81. Pointing my browser to http://localhost:81/ resulted in my web pages appearing again. Now I knew for sure that some program had snatched port 80 away from IIS without my knowledge! The hunt was on.

I grabbed TcpView from SysInternals and fired it up. What do you know? Bloody Skype had snatched port 80, and was listening away! I shut down Skype and re-configured IIS to use port 80 and my local web server was all happy again.

Bloody skype! How rude. I had to go into the Skype settings and disable “Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections”.

I think that with the recent patch IIS must be starting up a bit later, giving Skype the opportunity to nab port 80 first. That should not matter now that I have disbaled port 80 for Skype.

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