I purchased two LCD Topguns (review here) a while back. I think I mentioned them in a previous post. They are great. Although getting two to work at once might be difficult. Games like Operation Wolf are great using a gun.

LCD TopGun

Alos got myselft a scrappy old coin door that I’ll polish up with some autosol to make it look respectable. I donlt know if I will make the mame cab use coins to start games or just have the coin door for effect…

Three options:
1. Coin door does nothing but look realistic.
2. Coin door uses coins to insert credits into games.
3. Coin door coin-return button used to insert credits.

I think I like option three better. That way I can get rid of two buttons on the control panel – keeping the CP true-to-form of a real arcade machine.

I’ll post some pics shortly so I can keep track of how it looked before and after I polished it up.

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