breezy to dapper – I borked it!

Uh oh – I borked my dapper dist-upgrade. Whilst the upgrade was underway I was prompted a few times with “overwrite this file?”, “overwrite that file?” questions. Seems like I stuffed it… Below is just a little reminder of where my windows boot loader is for when I do a Read more…

By jason, ago

LCD Topgun and coin door

I purchased two LCD Topguns (review here) a while back. I think I mentioned them in a previous post. They are great. Although getting two to work at once might be difficult. Games like Operation Wolf are great using a gun. Alos got myselft a scrappy old coin door that Read more…

By jason, ago

Skype killed my IIS

For three days my local web server was not responding. You know, I’d point my browser (Firefox) at http://localhost/ and I’d get nothing. After a while it dawned on me that I had recently installed a big Microsoft Tuesday patch session. Perhaps my default web site had been stopped? I Read more…

By jason, ago