I decided to start a blog. Mainly to chronicle my efforts at building a mame cabinet.

I’ll probably also ramble on about:

  • cutting code (I am employed as a web developer – C#.NET at the moment)
  • purchasing a new house – just about to get real serious.
  • my half-arsed handy-man efforts.
  • general nerd stuff.

But for now I can’t be stuffed to write to much. I had some fellow mame enthusiasts over last night and I am a tad tired. My current mame setup got a workout till 2am this morning. It’s functional but definately not pretty.

It’s got 5000+ arcade games, plus all the atari, snes and n64 games. I have recently discovered a game called “Parodius Da!” – bloody awesome game play. I love scroller games like this.

Just yesterday I started cutting out the panels for the arcade cabinet. I have based my cabinet on the “Ultimate Arcade II” design. I have also been heavily influenced by Knievel Kustoms – this guy makes the most professional cabinets. Nice innovations, stunning visuals. I love his blue neon design – fantastic.

At the moment all I have is a crappy TV hooked up to a few old PC parts and a dodgy 2 person control panel that needs to be rebuilt for a pro finish…

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